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Informed Delivery

With Informed Delivery, a free service by USPS, you can generate traffic to your website before your mailer even arrives.

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Mail Delivery Just Got Smarter

Informed Delivery is a service provided by the USPS which allows users to preview what mail is arriving in their mailboxes. Users get an email when they have mail on the way, along with a photo of the mail that’s coming. They can even reschedule their mail, add delivery instructions, or redirect it to a post office. We’ve integrated with this amazing service by synchronizing with your mailing list, letting you see who checks their mail digitally. Your users can see a preview of your direct mailer, and you can get notified when they do! Our Mail Tracking page has more information on how you can keep track of your mailers.

A Splash of Color

Informed Delivery generates a black-and-white preview of your direct mailer to its users as part of its service. But if you’ve spent a lot of time and money making a vibrant ad, have no fear! Mail with a Twist lets you add a full-color graphic to the greyscale scan, injecting a much-needed burst of color. This graphic will be clickable and direct users to your website. This is a great and easy way to increase traffic to your website. You might even get a response to your mailer before the user even gets home to checks their mailbox!

Relevant Stats

  • Approximately 19 million people are signed up with Informed Delivery
  • Sign-ups increase by about 1 million people per month
  • 86% of users open their email alerts daily
  • 7-8% click-through rate
  • Check out the USPS website for more information!

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