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Social Follow Up

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. With Mail with a Twist, you can displays your ads on the most popular sites for your users to enjoy.

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Why Social Follow Up?

Social Follow Up capitalizes on the amazing potential of – you guessed it – social media. Social media has grown into one of the biggest marketing machines in the world over the last several years. According to Statista, Facebook boasts over 7 billion monthly users in 2020, more than double its users as of 2012. Sprout reports that Instagram, one of Facebook’s most popular offshoots, has around 1 billion users, including 37% of U.S. adults. 70% of people access social media every day, and 43% visit multiple times. In fact, some people will spend up to 4 hours a day on Facebook or Instagram alone! Mobile access is also more relevant than ever, with 84% of social media users accessing it via their phones.

How It Works

Repetition forms the backbone of many of our services, including Social Match and Online Follow Up. Social Follow Up is no different; users see hundreds of ads on Facebook and Instagram per day. It’s hard to process an ad after seeing it once, so repetition is essential for a message to sink in. We’ll include a link to your website on all mailers, and visitors will receive a “cookie” on social media. This cookie will enable your ads to appear on user’s newsfeeds, on any device they log in on. The ads will appear multiple times, re-engaging users and making it much more likely to generate an impression. Our Online Follow Up is similar, engaging users on websites, but this service is specific to Facebook and Instagram.

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