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Online Follow Up

Although our business is direct mail, we recognize the importance of online marketing in today’s world. Mail with a Twist makes it easy for you to follow-up with your target audience after they view your mailer.

Why Online Follow Up?

Online Follow Up taps into a key marketing phenomenon – repetition. Like with our Social Match service, when it comes to marketing messages, it’s all about repetition. Did you know that the majority of sales aren’t made after the first time a user sees an ad? Hint: it isn’t the second time either, or the third. No, most users don’t consider buying a product or service until the 8th to 12th point of contact! We see hundreds of messages per day, most of which we don’t remember until we see them again. That’s where Mail with a Twist comes in.

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How It Works

First, we include a link to your website on your direct mailer. When a user heads to your website, they’ll receive a “cookie” via Google that will track their web activity. These cookies will enable your ads to follow them around the web to various sites that they visit. This process – which we call retargeting – has a proven success rate in a number of studies. Website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert. With retargeting, the percentage of users who return and complete the conversion increases to 26%. And in one study, retargeted ads led to a 726% increase in site visitation over just four weeks! Our business might be direct mail, but there’s no denying the power of online marketing in today’s world. We’re here to harness the power of the Internet and help you every step of the way.

Graph showing an internet user becoming a loyal customer by having retargeted ads show up

REMEMBER: 96% of visitors LEAVE without TAKING ACTION!

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