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LEAD Match

Ever wonder who’s browsing your website? LEAD Match lets you keep track of who’s looking at your pages, plus so much more.

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Track Web Success & Find New Clients

If you’ve put time, energy, and dedication into creating a beautiful website, you’ll want to know if it’s a success. Our game may be direct mail, but Mail with a Twist’s services also include all things digital. LEAD Match is our answer to that age-old question: Who is looking at my website?

But we’ve gone above and beyond simply tracking web activity. First, we’ll tell you whether a visitor is on your mailing list or not. Then, we’ll give you all the information we can get ahold of, including their zip code, hometown, and how many pages they’ve viewed on your website. We compile data on how long they spend on each of your pages, to see whether they’re serious about using your services or are simply browsing. Finally, we’ll present you with a list of all the pages they view on a given trip to your website. This helps you to gauge what services of yours they’re interested in.

LEAD Match is an ideal way to identify new clients. If a visitor isn’t on your list but spends time on your site, they’re probably interested in your company! LEAD Match gives you all the information you need to reach out, whether via a direct mailer or social media. Check out Social Media Follow Up and Online Follow Up for ideas. If they’re already on your mailing list, great! That means what your campaign is working.

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