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Call Tracking

With Call Tracking, you can set up a free phone number for your users to call. Then you can track their demographic information, record your conversations, and much more.

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Track the Effectiveness of Your Campaign Without Human Error

Call Tracking is an easy way for you to follow up with your customers, and use their data to improve the user experience. First, we’ll give you a local or toll free number for your direct mail campaign. This number will be attached to your direct mailer so everyone who receives it will see it loud and clear. The number is unique to your mailer – you’ll know that every call coming in is a result of your campaign. It’s totally secure, with no chance of hacking, and you can safely access your incoming calls and recordings at any time.

Every call that comes into this number is tracked, recorded, and logged on a secure server. You’ll be able to see who’s calling and from where, and thanks to Google Maps, it’s easy and visually stunning. Then, we’ll log each call’s demographic information, so you can tailor and refine your mailing list for your next campaign.

We record all of your calls for you, so can go back and listen to them any time. This is particularly useful for quality assurance – improving the user experience – and for employee training purposes. And there’s no fear of human error because everything is fully automated.

For more on how we help you track your user data for the best experience possible, check out our Social Follow Up and Mail Tracking pages!

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